From small heat recovery systems to large-scale air handling units, Daikin provides a variety of ventilation solutions to deliver a fresh, healthy, and comfortable environment for residential, commercial and industrial spaces.

Delivering Fresh and Clean Air

While the airtight infrastructure of today’s modern buildings guarantees superior insulation and energy efficiency, it also means there can be a lack of fresh air, which can cause humidity, microbes, and allergens to accumulate. To solve this issue, Daikin offers a variety of ventilation solutions to provide fresh and clean air in the most efficient way.

To achieve optimal ventilation, Daikin maintains the highest standards of energy efficiency and flexibility to deliver the best indoor air quality. To attain clean indoor air, Daikin ensures its ventilation products are seamlessly integrated in a total heat pump solution. This means we reduce the number of individual systems and independent suppliers to deliver one complete HVAC system.

Creating the Perfect Indoor Climate

There are 5 main components to consider when measuring the quality of indoor air and controlling it using our range of ventilation solutions.

  • Ventilation: ensures the provision of fresh air
  • Energy recovery: recovers heat and moisture from outgoing air to maximize comfort and efficiency
  • Air processing: heats or cools incoming fresh air to maximize comfort and minimize the load on the air conditioning installation
  • Humidification: optimizes the balance between indoor and outdoor humidity
  • Filtration: removes dust, pollution, and odors from the air