About Us

Established in 1989, ATG is an engineering trading company specialized in importing and distributing the latest technologies for HVAC, renewable energy, refrigeration and air purification systems.

ATG offers a wide range of world-renowned brands in its strategically located showroom within the heart of Amman.

The group also operates fully automated warehouses across the country that contain advanced systems programmed to maintain, handle and maneuver all stored parts and equipment. Run by a team of expert engineers with extensive experience.

ATG has grown over the last 33+ years to become the most trusted provider of integrated engineering solutions and strives to maintain its clients’ trust as it continues to offer outstanding, superior services with utmost professionalism.

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ATG has established a huge number of references throughout 33 years. From HVAC and Air Conditioning to Under Floor Heating, Renewable Energy, Refrigeration and Air Purification systems, the company continue to grow and thrive upon a solid reputation in the Jordanian market.

To be the most trusted partner for customers seeking high–quality comfort solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial properties in Jordan, Palestine and the Arab Region.

To provide our customers with unmatched levels of comfort by adhering to the highest standards and offering top class environmentally friendly & energy saving solutions for air conditioning, heating, renewable energy, refrigeration and sterilization.

Trust | Experience | Creativity | Quality | Credibility


ATG offers internal and external courses and workshops to all employees in order to boost their overall knowledge and continue their excellence in each respective field. This ensures great qualification and specialization during each phase in which a client works with us and enhances our company competency as a whole.

Furthermore, ATG’s human resources department and social committee work hand in hand on a daily basis in order to strengthen the bonds between our team members, develop personal development plans and consolidate our company’s cohesion as a whole.

ATG also organizes trips for VIP clients to visit our international partners abroad to gain insight on their production and manufacturing processes and standards. These trips create a friendly atmosphere that clients have shown to appreciate, thus further building their long-term partnership and ties with us.



Giving back to the community is ingrained in our values and is something that we continuously work on passionately as a team. ATG is driven to contribute to the betterment of both the environment and society as a whole on multiple levels.

When the global coronavirus pandemic hit Jordan in March 2020, ATG was one of the first companies to respond in a quick and efficient manner to ensure the safety of both its employees and its customers.

Aside from closing its physical doors and transitioning to a temporary online-based business model, ATG chose to financially support its country’s efforts to fight the pandemic by donating thirty-thousand dinars. Furthermore, the company’s employees gathered their resources and chose to provide their own financial donation, resulting in an additional contribution of ten-thousand dinars.

As for the company’s morale-boosting efforts, ATG chose to broadcast an advertisement during the national lockdown period to praise the country’s ongoing efforts and spread positivity among viewers. This initiative was complemented by curated content on social media designed to inform, uplift and entertain the masses.

To further strengthen Jordan’s fight against the global pandemic, ATG added Steril Aire to their product line—an unrivaled leader in the development of high performance UVC units for air and surface decontamination—thus introducing state-of-the-art sterilization solutions to the local market.

By increasing their range of long-lasting, high quality solutions, ATG aims to continue providing paramount peace of mind for all its customers, while also aiding in the transition back to normal, healthy lives.

Pre-Sales Services

  • Design / Revision of Designs
  • Accurate Quotations
  • Shop Drawings

Services During Installation

  • Professional & High Integrity Installation (For VRV Systems & Splits)
  • Engineering Supervision & Follow-up (For UFH & Applied A/C Systems)
  • Punctual Delivery

After Sales Services

  • Commissioning
  • Problem Solving
  • Spare Parts Availability
  • Customer Care
  • Service Contracts

Our Milestones

1989 Incorporation of Arab Technical Group (ATG).

1991 ATG is first to introduce the superior Swedish UFH system from Uponor-Wirsbo.

1993 ATG is first to introduce Swedish Uponor-Wirsbo plastic pipes for potable hot and cold water.

1994 ATG was awarded the UPONOR-WIRSBO ‘Best Agent Certificate’.

1995 ATG won ‘Best Distributor Worldwide’ Award from Uponor-Wirsbo.

1998 ATG was the third-place winner in the Under Floor Heating Contest of RPA Chicago/ USA, followed by first-place winner in 1999.

1999 ATG wins first place in the global Underfloor Heating Contest, RPA Chicago/USA.

2002 ATG is the first engineering trading company in Jordan to be awarded IS0-9001.

2007 ATG wins the first-place award For VRV in the MENA Region in Morocco for the Longest Tower using VRV systems in Jordan (E’maar Towers).

2008 ATG receives the “Appreciation of Partnership” award from Uponor.

2009 ATG Commissioned the largest underfloor heating system ever in Jordan (Joramco).

2010, DAIKIN awarded ATG for the highest sales Record in the MENA region during three consecutive international sales conferences held for the third year in a row.

2015 ATG HQ is the first certified in LEED Gold ID+C: Commercial Interiors V3- LEED 2009 and was the first Jordanian company to receive such a certificate.

2017 ATG is the first Jordanian Company awarded the CESA Accreditation certificate for HVAC systems for big projects

2018 ATG supplies cutting-edge heating and cooling technologies for the largest mansion in Jordan (12,000m2).

2019 ATG HQ is the first building in Jordan certified in LEED V4.1 Arc Platinum for Operations & Maintenance

2021 32 years of experience in providing the best heating solutions to the market.