Advanced Wired Remote Control

    Wired remote control with contemporary design

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    رمز المنتج: BRC1E53A


    ‘- Duty rotation and back-up for infrastructure cooling.
    – Easy to use: all main functions are directly accessible. The screen turns off, when the indoor unit is not in use.
    – Optimise your air conditioning system by activating a series of energy saving functions (temperature range limit, setback function, off timer, ?)
    – The quiet mode function can be selected to reduce the sound of the outdoor unit.
    – User friendly simplified remote control with contemporary design.
    – Easy commissioning: intuitive interface for advanced menu settings.
    – Set up to 3 independent schedules, so the user can easily change the schedule himself throughout the year (e.g. summer, winter, mid-season).
    – Automatic summer/winter time adjustment.
    – Possibility to individually restrict menu functions.
    – When a power failure occurs all settings remain stored thanks to the built-in backup power.