Oil Boilers

Floor-standing cast-iron boiler arranged for the installation of blown diesel fuel or gas-fired burners, which is suitable for domestic heating; it is highly insulated against heat loss.

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Sempra Evolution
– High output cast iron heating fuel/gas boiler 50 to 100 kw.
– Reliable: Cast iron heat exchanger
– A large thermal exchanger surface
– Possibility of connecting an adjoining DHW tank, control panel.
– Adjustable feet
– Pressurized boiler fireplace watertight
– Equipped with a tableau of basic integrating command
– Efficiency up to 94%
– Equipped with oil or gas burner blown air
– A large combustion chamber
– Excellent performance, clean combustion

NXR3 Progress

– Range of 105 – 330 kW
– Made of cast iron.
– High quality insulation for body and jacket
– Low standstill loss
– Specially designed heat-exchanger that incorporates multiple flue-ways and fins to increase the surface area; providing high seasonal boiler efficiencies.
– The large chamber capacity ensures reducing CO and NOX emissions.