GIACOMINI fittings

Fittings include adapters, couplings, tees, and elbows in a range of sizes and material construction. They’re just what you’ll need to get professional results for your PEX plumbing or heating project.

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Since 1951 GIACOMINI has been operating in the construction of products to be used in the industrial and civil sectors such as plumbing, valves, fittings, small metal parts and components, compliant with national, European and international standards and represents one of the most significant companies of the sector, both nationally and globally.
• Features

– ALL Heating Cabinet components from GIACOMINI.
– Heating components made of copper alloy No. (CW60SN) This alloy is considered to be one of the finest and toughest alloys compared to what other manufacturers use and is most suitable for drinking water due to the low level of lead (BP <1.6) and is characterized by its solidity and tolerance to pressure (16) and also tolerates high temperatures (c 1 120).
– Various types of products.
– Flexible and rapid installations.
– Compact and safe system that is easy to maintain.
– Suitable for drinking water applications, made in conformity with the new European regulations for drinking water.