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Solar Collector panels – Flat plate panels

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Flat plate collector KS2100 TLP AC

Flat plate solar collector KS2100F TLP AC is the optimum solution in terms of technology and price. The laser welded absorber is made of high quality materials – aluminum and copper (Al-Cu). High efficiency is achieved through the use of highly selective coating (PVD), glass providing high, U1 class permeability to solar radiation and full thermal insulation of the casing.

This collector is designed for small houses as well as large solar thermal systems. Perfect for single-family homes and apartment-houses, as well as commercial, industrial and other buildings. They can also be used for heating pool water.
– Aluminum copper absorbers.
– Tempered glass is characterized by high transmittance of solar radiation (U1 class).
– Thick aluminum casing.
– Full thermal insulation of the casing.
– Protection against overheating.