Air cooled multi-scroll chiller

Air cooled multi-scroll chiller

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‘- The compressor is hermetic orbiting scroll compressor complete with motor over -temperature and over – current devices. The compressors are connected in Tandem on a single refrigerating circuit and are fitted on rubber anti-vibration mounts and complete the oil charge.
– Units have been optimized to operate with R-410A, refrigerant with zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential).
-Evaporator (Plate Heat Exchanger)
The unit is equipped with direct expansion plate to plate type evaporator. This heat exchanger is made of stainless steel brazed plates and is covered with a 20mm closed cell insulation material. The exchanger is equipped with an electric heater for protection against freezing. The evaporator is manufactured in accordance to PED approval.
The condenser is made entirely of aluminum with flat tubes containing small channels. Full-depth louvered aluminum fins are inserted between the tubes maximizing the heat exchange. The Microchannel technology ensures the highest performance with the minimum surface for the exchanger. The oil is manufactured with a special aluminum alloy characterized by higher resistance to corrosion compared to standard alloy.

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