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Streamer Technology Air Purifier

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‘- Suitable for up to 46 m2

– Top indoor air quality thanks to 6 filtration stages

– No need to buy a filter for 10 years as the unit is equipped with 4 spare filters as standard

– Removal of airborne allergens such as mold, mites, and pollen, as well as adjuvant substances, viruses, and bacteria thanks to Flash Streamer and Titanium Apatite filtration technologies

– Low electricity consumption thanks to inverter fan

– Total control over unit buttons thanks to Child Lock function

– Automatic judgment of fan speed thanks to Air Quality Sensors and Automatic Mode

– Effective removal of pollens thanks to Anti Pollen Mode

– Rapid room cleanliness thanks to Turbo Mode. Very useful when unexpected guests arrive or during room cleaning.

– Outstanding sleeping features thanks to Sleep mode operation that ensures low sound and the best air quality, in addition to Brightness Level Adjustment to meet user’s demands at night.

– Control of over unit operation thanks to OFF Timer function

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