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Under floor heating is the most efficient mode of heat delivery. It is designed to give comfort at temperatures lower than those used in radiator and convector systems because people and objects are warmed directly through the floor (floor surface temperatures are generally designed to remain at or below 29°C). Temperatures can be precisely controlled on a room-by-room basis. In addition, because there are few moving parts, the only items that will ever need service are simple and inexpensive to repair or replace.
Convector and forced air heating systems rely on air circulation for effect. The Underfloor Heating System, meanwhile, allows for natural air movement. Thus dust and other airborne particles such as pollen are not spread so quickly through the home, making the house a healthier and cleaner place to live in. Meanwhile there are no radiators to gather dirt or cause injury, from scalding for example, and because the Underfloor Heating System runs quietly there are no irritating or disturbing background noises. Furthermore because the floor surface is warm, cleaning and drying is made quick and easy, quick-drying floors being of particular benefit in bathrooms and hallways.