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Energy-Saving Operation
Precise individual control and inverter technology minimize energy consumption to deliver optimum energy savings.

Individual Control
VRV systems enable individual climate control settings for each zone to provide the utmost in comfort to commercial building settings.

Adaptable Design
Modular design of outdoor units and wide selection of indoor units ensure system designs that are ideally suited to the environments where they are installed.

Flexible Layout
In addition to a maximum connection of 64 indoor units to 1 outdoor unit, large allowances for piping length and level difference provide a flexible layout

VRV Outdoor Units

VRV IV systems set pioneering standards in all-round climate comfort performance. Total design simplicity, offering rapid installation, full flexibility as well as absolute efficiency and comfort.

VRV Indoor Units

Designed to fit rooms of any size and shape, Daikin indoor units are also user friendly,  quiet running, ultra reliable, easy to control and supply users with that relaxing ‘extra something’ to the indoor climate.
Today, Daikin has improved its technology even further to enhance your comfort and provide you better energy efficient models.

Fresh Air Solutions

Daikin ventilation products are designed to maintain indoor air quality by providing sufficient levels of fresh outdoor air and humidity control.