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ATG Selected As AC And Solar Power Supplier In Public Buildings.

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ATG Selected As AC And Solar Power Supplier In Public Buildings.

AMMAN, Jordan – In August 2018, ATG was competitively selected to be the trusted supplier of top-of-the-line, energy-efficient air conditioning and solar power systems for the “Pilot Projects for Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings” in Jordan. Prominent public buildings such as the Ministry of Public Works, Al Bashir Maternity Hospital, Al Nadeem Hospital, Thoqan Hindawi Primary School and Amman Medical Center were included in the project to set the standard for green buildings in the country.

Each building’s existing air conditioning systems were replaced in record time by DAIKIN VRV/VRT systems to offer the smartest, most energy-efficient air conditioning solutions of the highest quality, with total load of 1,500 tons. An additional load of 320 tons was distributed through separate DAIKIN Super Inverter R32 split units in designated areas, each consisting of environmentally friendly refrigerant gas (R32) and offering unprecedented energy savings.

Photovoltaic systems were also installed on the buildings’ roofs and parking lots with a capacity of 800 kilowatts across a total area of approximately 4,400 square meters. All devices and equipment used were of European origin, including solar PV modules, DC/AC inverters, metal mounting structures and cables.

This project generates approximately 1,360 MWh of solar-powered electricity, thus reducing a significant amount of energy consumption and decreasing over 580 tons of annual carbon dioxide emissions.

Moreover, this pioneering project is “On-Grid” using Net-Metering and is designed to generate electricity on a continuous basis throughout its lifetime.

With an expected life span of over 25 operating years and an exceptional return on investment, ATG is proud to be part of one of the most successful, economically feasible projects in Jordan.