Mini-ZEAS refrigerationcondensing units

Reliable and energy efficient solutions for medium temperature refrigeration applications.

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‘- Inverter technology guarantees optimal food conservation by ensuring an accurate temperature control.

– The DC economized compressor improves drastically the efficiency of the unit, thus helps lowering the energy bill!

– The economized scroll contributes to a longer lifetime expectation of the refrigeration equipment and less maintenance requirement.

– The use of R-410A refrigerant allows the use of smaller pipping diameters, thus reducing the refrigerant content in the system helping to lower our CO2 footprint . R-410A is fully compliant with the latest F-Gas regulation and can be still used after 2020 and beyond.

– Lowest sound level in the market down to 31 dBA. Sound level can be even further reduced thanks to the low noise modes.

– The weight of the unit is very low, therefore the unit can even be mounted on the wall

– Up to 75% smaller than equivalent products in the market, ideal for those places where space is limited.

– Advanced software solution for easy system configuration and commissioning.

They come in different modules : LRMEQ3BY1