ATG, the pioneer company in HVAC systems in Jordan, Palestine and the Arab region has held a special event under the name (#VRV_TRUE_STORY).

More than 450 people attended the event from top architects, engineers, contractors and consultants.

The event shed the light on DAIKIN’s VRV and its invention 35 years ago in an unmatched quality and technology until this day. A presentation was also conducted to showcase ATG’s achievements throughout the past decades alongside its many references and successful projects. The event also celebrated ATG’s (CESA) certification from the Collation of Energy Services Association as the first and only company that was certified on HVAC systems for large-size projects.

Moreover, delegates of DAIKIN- Japan showcased its latest achievement of launching the environment-friendly R32 gas, which will be only provided in Jordan by ATG in the coming few weeks